Sunday, September 27, 2009

Open your ears to Sun Hotel . Now.

I develop a fondness for a lot of the bands in the scene. Caddywhompus is incredible and the loudest smallest band you'll ever see. Giant Cloud has that oh-so-good Peekers sound that I can't ever get enough of. And Loren Murrell, Silent Cinema, and MyNameIsJohnMichael always make me melt. But the band currently on my radar is one I plan on paying a lot more attention to.

Sun Hotel is definitely worth the listen. They are a local indie band with a lot of acoustic goodness, interesting and somewhat soothing vocal interludes and some catchy lyrics..... Please class them amongst the new and good in the local scene and start taking notice. 
Check them in space:

Check them out for real: Sunday, October 25 @ Allways Lounge/ Marigny Theatre in support of the NOLA Project's latest theatre production, Finer Noble Gases. NOIR Collective presents! Come support!

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