Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Your Face Could Help The Scene.

New Orleans music scene is changing. According to one study NOLA has officially surpassed both NYC and Austin as the live-music capital of the world. But that's just one study. We all know New Orleans has always been one of the best places in the world for music and that's because of the bands that are working so hard and the fans who dutifully come out to support them. 

We've seen some crazy successes and heard some great local albums and attended some pretty wonderful shows in the past year. Keep this strong and help Zack Smith, a local awesome photographer/drummer, by attending the Big Rock Candy Mountain, Caddywhompus, Smiley with a Knife show this Saturday at Carrollton Station.

Zack will be shooting his 1st installment of "Rock Portraits" at the Carrollton Station show. Each image shot will be collected and printed into a large format that will become a part of New Orleans 'Rock History'.

Think you support the scene? 
Well... come show your face.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

NOIR FEST | November 20 - 21, 2009

Our big announcement....

As promised, our third sampler CD will be released this November 20. New Orleans keeps providing really great indie rock bands which means we will keep providing really great sampler CDs showcasing the finest talent the New Orleans indie rock scene has to offer.

Thank you to the bands who will be featured on the third sampler CD. Loren Murrell, Giant Cloud, Hurray for the Riff Raff, Generationals, The Buttons, Gamma Ringo!, ONE MAN MACHINE, and Club of the Sons.

The CD will be distributed for FREE beginning November 20 and 21 at the NOIR Fest. Schedule below...

Club of the Sons
One Man Machine
Gamma Ringo

Hurray for the Riff Raff
Giant Cloud
Loren Murrell

Yes there's been a name change for the Fest (NOIR Fest) and we've shortened it to two nights instead of three. Our plate is full with awesome projects that are sure to help the local indie rockers and the local indie rock scene. We've got a lot of awesome presented shows coming your way, we're helping Offbeat with an iPhone application, we're providing music for an indie film in town, we're releasing a digital remix download of several of the songs that were on our previous samplers (remixed by local DJs), and we're planning a crazy big festival for the spring. So be on the lookout, get excited for the next release this November, and support the scene and come out for NOIR Fest and all the shows in between. Yeah brah.

A special thanks to Sweet Tea Firefly Vodka, Maple Street Book Shop and Skullyz Recordz for supporting this next sampler.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

In case you haven't heard ...

Sad news for the Louisiana music scene. The Peekers broke up.
Nothing more to be said. Tear.

You Like Fleet Foxes?

Fleet Foxes was kind enough to allow some free downloads of a show they did where they covered Bob Dylan, Neutral Milk Hotel, B.B. King, Magnetic Fields, AND Fleetwood Mac. Eat it up HERE.

Blue Party goes to America.

The guys at Blue Party wanted to share a little sneak peak of what their tour adventures have been like. Check out the silliness and send your out-of-state friends to their shows.

August 19 - Vino's - Little Rock, AR
August 20 - Pat's Blue Ribbon - Manhattan, KS
August 21 - Mike's Tavern - Kansas City, MO (w/ The Roadside Graves)
August 22 - House Party - Manhattan, KS
August 25 - Phyllis' Musical Inn - Chicago, IL
August 26 - House Party (911 N 14th street) - Milwaukee, WI
August 27 - House Party - Decorah, IA
August 28 - House Party - Kirksville, MO
August 29 - Highway 61 Roadhouse - Webster Groves, MO (St. Louis)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Saturday Night | August 16

Bowerbirds with Megafaun AND the local Loren Murrell at One Eyed Jacks, Saturday August 15th.

Really great line-up! Don't miss this show. I know Mark and I will definitely be there and are reading Aquarium Drunkard's blog for free tix!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

CYHSY's ALec Ounsworth's Solo Work

Clap Your Hand Say Yeah's front man has apparently been quite busy, but not putting out a new album with his full band. Instead, according to he has recorded two solo records, one under his own name and one under the name Flashy Python. The Flashy Python record Skin and Bones is currently available through his website in vinyl, cd and digital format. Listen to the whole thing below.

Skin and Bones:

01 Let Us Hallucinate Together
02 The Lady Is a Ghost
03 Ichiban Blues
04 Skin and Bones
05 Obscene Queen Bee
06 In the Darkness
07 Cattle's New Clothes
08 Avalon's Snake Breath

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Why?'s Yoni Wolf performs Solo for The Bay Bridged

Here at the collective, I know at least Rachel and I are in absolute love with the band Why?. Well today, I stumbled upon a great set of recordings that Yoni Wolf of Why? did for the the San Francisco area Indie Rock website The Bay Bridged.

Check it out HERE.

There are 4 tracks. One is a pavement cover, two are off Why's forthcoming release "Eskimo Snow."

All 4 tracks are streamed on the site, as well as available for download.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Oh What A Weekend!

Great shows for the weekend. If you really dig the New Orleans indie scene, show your face!

Thursday night @ Blue Nile UPSTAIRS
The Blue Party is taking their house party to the stage. Catch them now before they head on their second summer tour through the mid-west. Big Rock Candy Mountain will also be playing, don't miss their dancy bang-bang vibe. These local bands are also sharing the stage with nationally touring band, Roadside Graves, who is signed to the Aquarium Drunkard label.

Friday night @ Blue Nile
Hold your excitement and don't miss your chance to see MyNameIsJohnMichael in the main room downstairs at Blue Nile. One of NOLA's favorite bands and full of some of the music scene's favorite people. Also joining the MyNameIs crew is PUMPKIN, and guests from the land of Georgia peaches THE MODERN SOCIETY.

Friday night @ One Eyed Jacks
Octopus Project and A Living Soundtrack! Octopus Project comes to NOLA by way of Austin. It will surely make for an ambient & experimental night.

Saturday night @ Hi - Ho Lounge
Catch the Generationals hot off their tour. Literally. In the past two months they've been all over the mid-west and west coast and will be driving in for this special show at Hi-Ho. They will be sharing the stage with Floating Action, another band of the Park the Van label. Check it!
And get there early to catch some local DJ action with DJ Matty & Savannah.

Saturday night @ Dragon's Den
NOLA welcomes The Littlest Viking by way of California. Check out their experimental-instrumental vibe.