Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Noir Fest IV Tickets!

noirCollective is proud to announce the schedule for noirFest IV this November 11th - 13th! Check it out:

Jean Eric + Royal Teeth

Sun Hotel + Vox & the Hound + Smiley With A Knife

Empress Hotel + King Rey + Big History

Day Pass $7 | Weekend Pass $11 | 18+
$2 Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka all weekend long!
Free “Four The Birds” Sampler CD each night of the fest!
Weekend passes will be available soon at!

"Four the Birds" sampler CD listening party Wednesday November 10th at 10 and noirFest IV after-party Saturday November 13th late night. Both are at The Saint!

Big thanks to our sponsors: The Music Shed, Defend New Orleans, The Saint, Static Television, Firefly Sweet Tea Vodka , Dirty Coast, Humid Beings, Antigravity, and Offbeat!


Monday, October 4, 2010

It's on

With ACL artists passing through town, the next week is absolutely going to kill in the way of touring bands. Hopefully you've saved up some pocket change or can rummage through the couch and find some hidden treasure to get yourself into all these shows. SHHH, here's a little secret, the Tulane quad shows are free, so really pocket change isn't an issue.

So here they are in order, seriously this shit is for real

Beats Antique w/ Yard Dogs Road Show Oct 6th, Republic 8pm door, 9pm show

If you like Bingo! Show, check out Yard Dogs Road Show

David Bazan (of Pedro The Lion) w/ Mynabirds Oct 6th, One Eyed Jacks 9pm doors, 10pm show

Dr Dog Oct 7th, LBC Quad @ Tulane (free) 6:45pm

Devendra Banhart & The Grogs w/ Twin Sister Oct 7th, House of Blues, 7pm door, 8pm Show
(they disabled embedding for the official video, guess free promo isn't cool)

Dark Dark Dark w/ Why Are We Building Such A Big Ship, Oct 7th, Allways Lounge, 10pm

Gogol Bordello w/ Outernational & Gypsyphonic Disko Oct 8th, Republic 8:30 doors, 9:30 show

Vampire Weekend w/ Beach House, Oct 9th, Mahalia Jackson, 8pm

Yeasayer w/ Washed Out, Oct 7th, House of Blues, 9pm doors, 10pm show

Local Natives w/ The Ruby Suns & The Union Line, Oct 11th, LBC Quad @ Tulane, 6pm

Deer Tick w/ J Roddy Waltson and the Business, Oct 11th, One Eyed Jacks

Portugal, The Man w/ Chief & Mt. St. Helens Vietnam Band, Oct 12th, One Eyed Jacks

Matt and Kim w/ Big Freedia, Oct 12th, House Of Blues, 8pm door, 9pm show

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Coming soon...

Never in my memory has the calender looked this good. This fall is going to be one for the ages when it comes to live music, especially when it comes to touring bands. This is not to down play the mind blowing amount of local shows that will be happening as well. We want to make sure people know whats coming to town and if you aren't famaliar with some of the bands, give you a little taste of what to expect. So here are just a few of the great bands coming to town in the coming weeks and be prepared to see much more in the near future.

The Henry Clay People @ One Eyed Jacks 9/15/10 (w/ Giant Cloud & Robert Ellis)

The Black Keys @ House of Blues 9/21/10 (w/ The Whigs)

The Hold Steady @ Republic 9/24/10 (w/ Wintersleep)

Coco Rosie @ Republic 9/27/10

Some local shows of note:
Big Rock Candy Mountain, Sunshine Factory & Big History (first show ever) @ Carrollton Station 9/18/10

Sun Hotel
CD Release @ One Eyed Jacks 9/24/10 (w/ Caddywhompus & The Eastern Sea)

Monday, July 26, 2010

Filligar - The Nerve

Lot of shows coming up in the next month, but I wanted to take a moment to highlight one that’s got me especially in a bother. Filligar, a rock band from Chicago, is playing two shows in NOLA next month—one at Checkpoint Charlie's on Thursday, 8/12 and then Friday, 8/13 at Circle Bar with Sun Hotel.

And yes, I did just call Filligar a “rock” band. I know that term gets thrown around now in an almost demeaning way (when you think “rock” music, you
have to think of Creed, Nickleback, etc. Without the prefix “indie”, it’s tough to take a band seriously.) But it’s hard to call Filligar anything else. Let me explain.

I’ve been following Filligar for about 5 years now. I took a music class with the bassist, Teddy Mathias, in college and he dropped a CD of their stuff on me. Teddy was 18 years old at the time, as was his twin brother, Pete (drums) and their keyboardist, Casey Gibson. The Mathias’ younger brother, Johnny, who provided lead vocals for the band, was sixteen years old.

Four albums later, I’ve had the chance to watch and listen to Filligar move from a bunch
of goofy high schoolers with a hell of a talented keyboardist (Gibson is classically trained) to a full-on, ass-kicking rock band. And, yes, again I use “rock.”

And I never would have used “rock” to describe Filligar until their latest album, The Nerve, which just came out this summer. On their earlier albums, Filligar were a good (at times, great) indie rock band from the Midwest. They were good musicians, and they knew how to write a hook. They wore their influences on their sleeve (a friend of mine heard an earlier album and dubbed them “Baby Wilco”) but their songs had such a pure joy that it was tough not to get hooked to them. Johnny was especially effective with his lyrics—my favorite Filligar song to this day is “Slow Motion Records,” an ode to the schoolyard with such pitch-perfect detail it’ll bring you back to the blacktop. But yes, they were a good indie rock band, they sounded a bit like Wilco, and every album they were going to drop three or four songs you would listen to 4,000 times before you would get sick of them.

And then, well, they dropped The Nerve. To say this is a seismic shift for Filligar is an understatement. To get technical with it, the band abandoned their recording techniques from earlier albums, instead moving to a full-band approach (everyone playing their instruments together while recording, not linking up with a metronome later, etc.) that immediately lends a different, fuller sound to the album. Also, the three Mathias brothers have gone and mastered their instruments in a way their fans haven’t seen before. (The rhythm section especially—Pete and Teddy have gone from able performers to stars in their own right.) All that is interesting, yes. But what really strikes this album differently is where the guys have started pulling their musical influences. In essence, they went back in time. And it garners huge results.

No more pulling from the loves of the modern Midwest—Sufjan, Oberst, Wilco, etc.—instead, Filligar reached back in time and set their sights on the big boys. The Band, CSNY, the fucking Beatles, are all evoked as the boys from Chicago lay it out there. The album opener, “Robbery (Shocking Love)” starts with some Hendrix feedback before launching into a riff Neil Young wouldn’t blush at. From there the tracks keep coming—on “Health”, Gibson sets his keyboard to Revolver setting and the boys launch into a track that feels like the coda to “Back in the USSR.” “Resurrection Song” hits us with a Stevie Ray Vaughan lick before settling into a Band-style sing-a-long. Listening to the album is akin to flipping through the AM radio of the 70s, an album to blast as you drive on some skinny highway through our nation’s heartland.

So yeah, this isn’t an indie album. It’s a rock album. It's an American rock album. It’s ambitious (14 tracks, hour-run-time), it’s bombastic, and it’s shooting for the big dogs. This could have been a triumphant flop. Instead, Filligar has gone ahead and recorded their finest album to date.

The entire album is streaming now at their website. (

Monday, June 14, 2010

Empty promises...

no more. We've said it time and time again. "We're going to start posting regularly." etc, etc, etc.

Well, this time we are fo' real. You are going to start seeing and hearing a lot more from us, especially here at the blog. Blogs are very old school at this point, but trust us it will be worth your time. Some things we have planned: a video interview series, show reviews, latest new tracks and a steady flow of news/info about local rock bands.

And we start........NOW!

We would like to introduce many of our readers to a new local band - Big History.

LtoR:Amanda Wuerstlin, Bret Bohnet, Meg Roussel, Blandon Helgason, Matt Glynn, Cory Schultz
(photo by: patrick quirk)

If any of those faces or names look familiar, they should. Big History is made up of staples in the local rock scene with current projects of the members including Silent Cinema, MyNameIsJohnMichael, One Man Machine and Meg Roussel's solo project (forgive me if I missed any). Past projects include Antenna Inn, The City Life, Sam Sarah and plenty of others. Unlike many bands locally who write some songs and start gigging immediately to work out the kinks, Big History has already begun recording and today have released their first single "Every Bone." Unfortunately, all I have for you is a link to their myspace, but trust me its worth it. Click the pic to hear the song, we promise you will not be disappointed, we sure weren't.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

8 Questions with... Jason Levin of Move Lafitte

Move Lafitte is a brand new(ish) local quintet that's been blasting out small clubs around the city for the past month or so. I'd describe their tunes are sort of an indie/funk fusion, but only if you put a gun to my head. You really have to listen to these guys to get what they're doing. Think of them as Caddywhompus' big brothers with a couple of mean horns.

I caught Move Lafitte, Self-Help Tapes, and We th
e Grenada at Dragon's Den this past Tuesday night, and was surprised to see the new band hold their own with the other two more established acts. A day later I talked with Jason Levin, the drummer of the outfit, who was kind enough to take our little questionnaire we've thrown at some different bands around the city.

8 Questions with...Jason Levin:

1. In nine words, who are you and what is it that you do?

I go ‘bang bang’ in Move Lafitte. It’s fun.

2. What album have you been listening to for the past week?

The debut Cymbals Eat Guitars CD, ‘Why There Are Mountains’. These guys are unreal! I’m anxious to catch them live sometime in the near future.

3. Favorite venue in NOLA and why?

Tough to pick one, here’s my top three: Dragon’s Den (Upstairs), Tipitina’s, and I love me some crawfish at Maple Leaf.

4. Favorite venue outside of NOLA and why?

Outside of New Orleans I reside in the Delaware/Philadelphia area, a lot of great venues are around there. I’d have to say the First Unitarian Church in Philly is where it’s at. They have a great array of different rooms for concerts (small candle lit sanctuary rooms, massive basement, big church hall, etc.) and just an all around great sound.

5. What local band aren’t enough people listening to?

Big Rock Candy Mountain. I don’t hear enough about these guys. I got the CD a few months back and have been diggin’ it. Have yet to catch them live but definitely am excited.

6. Favorite piece of musical equipment?

For me it’s all about comfort. I’d have to say my bright gold Pork Pie Percussion Thrown (seat for the layman). Two reasons, its beyond comfortable and its AMERICAN MADE! Also my double bass pedal, I have not nearly mastered it yet, but one day I’ll shred.

7. You hate it when people characterize your music as _____?

Experimental. I mean, really what does the term even mean? I really dislike when bands use the term to describe their sound. I’m pretty sure they use it to make themselves sound distinguished and different but really it’s just a cop out.

8. Write us a haiku.

Alright, I'm going gangsta on this one:

Cash comes in like woah,
Always got a steady flow,
Jewels, Gems, and Gats BLAT!

Fair enough. You can check out Move Lafitte at their Myspace page and they plan to play next at The Maison on April 18th.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Controversy with Offbeat MNIJM Cover

Taking a moment out of our Foburg hysteria, we wanted to report on a pretty sad/silly/needless story that developed over the past week. Offbeat Magazine, a good friend of NOIR, ran a cover story this past week that featured the members of MyNameIsJohnMichael dangling playfully from a jungle gym. That would have been all well and good, except someone who obviously forgot their civil rights history for a minute decided to go with the cover headline of "Strange Fruit," with a bi-line saying that the band was ready to be picked.

"Strange Fruit" was the title of a poem and then a song famously recorded by Billie Holliday that condemned the lynching of African Americans in the Jim Crow South. The phrase "strange fruit" was used in reference to African Americans hanging from Southern trees. Whether someone at Offbeat heard the phrase in a jazz history class and then forgot what it was referring to, or this was just a complete and utter, albeit sad, coincidence, is not known. What is known is that both the band and the magazine were very sad and embarrassed by the whole thing.

Offbeat issued a extensive apology, which can be found here, to both their readers and the band MyNameIsJohnMichael. They've removed the cover picture from their website and gone with a new title of "What's In a Name" for their article.

MyNameIsJohnMichael reacted via the Twittersphere and their blog, where they issued a heartfelt statement about how torn up over the whole thing they were here, and how support from their fans got them through it. You can read their blog post here.

Basically, despite the initial uproar, this whole episode seems like a really silly and avoidable thing that was the result of a headline writer at Offbeat who forgot their cup of coffee that morning. We're glad MNIJM are feeling better about it, because it's pretty clear no one thinks they were responsible in any way.

For more info on the band, check out

Friday, February 19, 2010

Glasgow, Sun Hotel, We Landed on the Moon & Elsinore

Glasgow, veterans of the Nola music terrain, will be releasing their brand new EP 1986 in digital format this Saturday, February 20th. They will be celebrating the occasion with some great friends at One Eyed Jacks. Follow their countdown at their blog here.

Baton Rouge starlets, We Landed on the Moon will be helping to ring in the joyous event. Their touring partners Elsinore, a wonder pop quintet hailing from Champaign-Urbana, IL, will be following one of the coolest young bands in Nola.

Sun Hotel opens the show fresh off of their own EP release, Team Spirit. Download it for free from their bandcamp page.

Saturday, February 20th
doors 9pm, show 10pm
We Landed on the Moon
Sun Hotel (opener)

Monday, February 1, 2010

Krewe du Vieux + La Maison


Giant Cloud


The Krewe du Vieux after-show at La Maison was a pretty special event this year. Park the Van Records planned an awesome showcase with Caddywhompus, The Bellys, Giant Cloud, and Jean-Eric. The highlight of the night was the impromptu march through the venue by the Noicisian Coalition and the Camel Toe Lady Steppers. Gotta love Carnival!

Jean-Eric was a special treat, pretty much reminded me of a band that Punky Brewster would put together. ( = Awesome.)

Here's a video treat of Jean-Eric...

Sun Hotel releases EP

I fell in love with these guys during our last Noir Collective project where we helped combine local music with the film project, 50 People 1 Question. They've just released their latest EP, Team Spirit, and you've got to check out the song Swamp Thing.

This is a pretty young band in New Orleans, but is a combination of some pretty impressive players. You'll find the Caddywhompus kids and Gamma Ringo kids among the bunch .... check it out.

Monday, January 25, 2010


So, exciting stuff from LimeWire store, which who even knew was a thing. (Guess they're trying to adapt the iTunes Store model here, which best of luck to them on that.) I for one haven't used LimeWire in probably 5 years (50 years in Internet Time), but for awhile there it was the place to illegally download tunes. In any event, they seem to have remade themselves into a place that puts together great (free) online sampler CDs. They've combined forces with Gambit and put together a pretty good little set of local bands for this thing. I've attached the press release below. Enjoy!

LimeWire Store Releases


NEW YORK, NY - January 20, 2010 - LimeWire Store has exclusively released EAR TO THE GROUND: NEW ORLEANS curated by the staff at Gambit, New Orleans' alt-weekly paper. The 19-track free sampler features songs from an array of artists toiling away within NOLA's diverse indie-music scene, including songs from local faves GIVERS, Lovey Dovies, The White Bitch, MyNameIsJohnMichael, and Generationals.

"We're beyond excited to be working with the LimeWire Store on our first-ever New Orleans music compilation," said Gambit's Editor, Kevin Allman. "And we're looking forward to taking listeners way off Bourbon Street to discover a side of New Orleans music they've never heard."

"Most folks know that New Orleans is ripe with amazing jazz and zydeco musicians, but there's a whole lot more going on down there," said Tom Monday, Director of Partner Relations at LimeWire Store. "Our partners at Gambit turned us on to bands and artists that we wouldn't have heard of otherwise, which is exactly what we hope for when producing these regional samplers. We hope this compilation shines a light on the spectrum of interesting sounds coming out of New Orleans these days. "

For further information, please contact Tom Monday, Director of Partner Relations at 212.775.3050 or

Attention Bloggers!

We have music for your site!

"Get My Sound"
One Man Machine & The Powers That Be
Download it here!

"Indian Summer"
Rotary Downs
Stream it here!

What We're Listening To

Hey y'all,

Sorry I've been M.I.A. for awhile with the posts. Christmas, New Year's, start of a new semester (yes, still a student), the Saints taking up every ounce of my conscious state... But now, with two weeks left to go to the Super Bowl, thought I'd take a minute and let you know what we've been listening to in the NOIR world lately.


The Revivalists doing their funky thing at the Howlin' Wolf.

What with Conan O'Brien ending his term at The Tonight Show, we thought back to this great video of Theresa Andersson doing her amazing one-woman soul-folk act on his show back in February.

Awesome video of Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship doing their stomp-the-yard thing at Voodoo back in '08.


Great new video from the Chicago band, Filligar, one of my favorite up-and-coming bands in the country right now. The song is off their album Succession, I Guess. We hope to get these guys down to New Orleans sometime in 2010.

The Raleigh, NC band Bowerbirds do a beautiful version of their song "Northern Lights".

Trippy-as-all-hell video from Animal Collective for their unbelievable song "Brother Sport." Could be made by no one else.