Saturday, September 26, 2009

8 Questions with... Bionica

In the first installment of what will sure to be a long series of pithy and enjoyable little questionnaires, we asked local act Bionica eight questions. Their keytarist (no shit) James Westfall took the time to answer us, doing so in a much more earnest way than we could have ever expected. We appreciate him taking time out for us, and you should return the favor by catching him and the other members of Bionica tonight at a free show at Blue Nile.

1. In nine words, who are you and what is it that you do?

Bionica is a musical collective that explores all possibilities

2. What album have you been listening to for the past week?
The Rough Mixes of the soon to be released Bionica CD.

3. Favorite venue in NOLA and why?
Snug Harbor - Snug has a long history with the city and the city's musicians. Most of the band were close to the former club owner George Brumat. (who recently passed away in 2007) George was the type of human being that gave nothing but sacrifice and integrity to the musicians and employees of Snug Harbor. It is the venue that helped start most of our careers as individual artists. Fortunately, the club continues with that same respect and dignity that George gave.

4. Favorite venue outside of NOLA and why?
There is a venue in NYC called The Stone. It was created by John Zorn as a non profit performance venue where musicians receive 100%. It is booked through different artists getting the opportunity to curate the events for their allotted time. Though Bionica has never played their yet, we encourage this project and other projects that give artists the platform to be who they are with out the overhead of business.

5. What local band aren’t enough people listening to?
Nova Nola

6. Favorite piece of musical equipment?
The Keytar! ... (Though it just broke so the new one won't be in in time for tonight's show)

7. You hate it when people characterize your music as _____?
...No hate here.

8. Write us a haiku.

The few power many

Ron Paul was right

Man versus Machine through Bionica

Close enough with the haiku form, there. Again, Bionica performs tonight at Blue Nile with Caddywhompus and Giant Cloud.

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