Friday, September 25, 2009

The next month in NOLA

Hey all,

So, quietly, New Orleans has decided that over the next month the city is going to host upwards of a dozen really freaking awesome indie concerts, topped off by the ridiculous lineup Voodoo has promised. My little Google calendar, which I never figured out how to use until a week ago, has filled pretty quickly with shows I need to see over the next month.

There are consequences to this. For one, I am going to go broke. Like, really, painfully, sadly broke.

For two, these concerts have brought up huge scheduling issues. As I pointed out before, I have never had to keep a schedule, let alone had scheduling issues. I feel like Trump or someone. Tomorrow night there are two amazing shows, one at One Eyed Jack’s with The Pains of Being Pure at Heart (low-fi treble pop from Brooklyn) and a great show of local favorites Giant Cloud, Caddywhompus, and Bionica at Blue Nile sponsored by, well, us. It’s been argued that Pains of Being Pure are only in town for one night, but I still feel the need to send an apology letter or something to the bands over at Blue Nile. (Is it weird that I feel I am neglecting a large group of people who have no idea who I am?)

Similar problems arise on September 30th. I’m open to people convincing me to see one show over another.

I’ve attached the little list I keep on my desk, but for a more comprehensive concert lineup (including information like where it is and what time it starts and everything else you’d want) check out our listings at

9/26 - Pains of being Pure at Heart
9/26 – Giant Cloud, Caddywhompus, Bionica
9/30 - My Name is John Michael & Dr. Dog
9/30 - The Walkmen + Cymbals Eat Guitars
10/1 - Phoenix
10/2 - Arctic Monkeys
10/4 - Blitzen Trapper
10/7 – Dan Deacon
10/8 - Wavves.
10/16 - Japandroids
10/21- Junior boys
10/23- Art brut
11/06 - Why?
11/18 - Camera Obscura + Papercuts

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