Monday, June 14, 2010

Empty promises...

no more. We've said it time and time again. "We're going to start posting regularly." etc, etc, etc.

Well, this time we are fo' real. You are going to start seeing and hearing a lot more from us, especially here at the blog. Blogs are very old school at this point, but trust us it will be worth your time. Some things we have planned: a video interview series, show reviews, latest new tracks and a steady flow of news/info about local rock bands.

And we start........NOW!

We would like to introduce many of our readers to a new local band - Big History.

LtoR:Amanda Wuerstlin, Bret Bohnet, Meg Roussel, Blandon Helgason, Matt Glynn, Cory Schultz
(photo by: patrick quirk)

If any of those faces or names look familiar, they should. Big History is made up of staples in the local rock scene with current projects of the members including Silent Cinema, MyNameIsJohnMichael, One Man Machine and Meg Roussel's solo project (forgive me if I missed any). Past projects include Antenna Inn, The City Life, Sam Sarah and plenty of others. Unlike many bands locally who write some songs and start gigging immediately to work out the kinks, Big History has already begun recording and today have released their first single "Every Bone." Unfortunately, all I have for you is a link to their myspace, but trust me its worth it. Click the pic to hear the song, we promise you will not be disappointed, we sure weren't.

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