Thursday, April 2, 2009

Artist House Spotlighting Local Bands

So if you haven't heard of Artist House, you should check it out NOW. It is a great resource for musicians and anyone who is in the music business.

In addition to providing great tutorials, etc., they have started doing a weekly video chat session with industry professionals, and also bringing local artist to showcase their music and get them feedback on what they are doing. They do these Live Chats every Wednesday evening at 6pm Central. If you miss them live, they archive all the episodes as well.

Two recent guests on the show were John Michael (MyNameIsJohnMichael) and Big Rock Candy Mountain. Check out a live performance by each below.

MyNameIsJohnMichael - Thieves

Big Rock Candy Mountain - Rocketship

Also, this past week Caddywhompus was the musical guest. Keep your eyes peeled for their video soon.

Oh yeah, and here we are mentioned on the show.

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  1. Were a band from saginaw, michigan

    could you help us out, with booking a gig?